It’s like. . Even though your emotions are off and on. . I already feel myself falling. .

Anonymous: 1, 5, 17, 27, 33, 49, 61, 62, 64, 73, 78, 81, 85 have fun haha

Yay something to do weee♡ lol

1. think of the last person who said I love you, did they mean it? It was my mom so I hope so lol.

5. is someone mad because of the person you’re talking to? Lots of people but IDGAF!!!!

17. last time I cried? Like 2 days ago prolly….

27. last person I talked to before I went to bed last night? Alex♡

33. do I want my tongue pierced? Hell no. That’s nasty af. Lol

49. is my life at all like it was two years ago? No. But I can’t tell of that’s good or bad yet..

61. How’s your heart? Recovering.

62. something in my past that I hate to talk about? …I don’t want to talk about it

64. who is probably talking a loaf of crap on me right now? Well, if this was about a year ago… my answer would be the city of Ocala. Lol

73. someone of the opposite sex I tell everything to? NICK GEORGE DUH ♡♡

78. anyone I’m giving up on? myself.

81. Last person I cried in front of? Alex♡

85 are you over your past? A little bit. Not the most recent past though. .

You assure me that whatever negative thoughts I have, you guarantee they’re false. But you don’t treat me the same anymore. You’re so distant. I feel like you’re only sticking around cause you feel bad for me or something. It’s prolly just all in my mind….

“I bet if we dusted her heart for fingerprints, we’d only find yours.”
― Rudy Francisco
― (via bredled)
I knew he didn’t love me, but I adored him anyway.
― Patti Smith  (via bl-ossomed)

i swear i am elsa. with anna’s personality 100%